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It’s been a while

I haven’t posted anything on here in far too long, so apologies to all you hardcore fans who visit daily, pining for new posts…

Anyway, here’s something I shot recently; the interior of our longtermer Jaguar XJ, which sadly goes back today after its all too brief stint with us at CAR magazine.


Today I got to shoot my first ever ‘tracking’ shot, basically hanging out the back of a moving car, shooting cars following close behind you. It’s a three car comparison between out long termer Renault Wind, a Peugeot 207cc and a Mazda mx-5. To be honest, for my first ever attempt I’m pretty pleased with the results, please let me know what you think!

Scirocco at night.

I planned on going out tonight to shoot the Mercedes G Wagon I currently have sitting on my driveway, but it’s too late to get it cleaned now, so I’ll try to photograph it tomorrow night instead.
I wanted to shoot it in the same style as I once shot a Scirocco we used to have on the our long termer fleet, which lead me to uncovering the shot below, which I never got round to finishing and bringing out to see the light of day.

the ‘W’ word

After taking some photographs at a friends wedding in Croatia last summer together with the groom we put together a 120 page book of the wedding day, which we got back from the printers just before Christmas. I’ll get some images of the book up soon, but as I’ve looked more into the world of wedding photography it’s brought me into contact with this budding upstart who filmed another friends wedding and you can see the highlights video here. If you look closely you may even see my hairy face.

So if you’re planning or know of anyone who is planning a wedding and would love some beautiful photography and video of your day please do get in contact with either myself or Frances over at reel love films.

From the archives – Gin Soldiers in the recording studio

Gin Soldiers, previously known as Dirty Little Faces, have long been a favourite subject of mine. Following them to gigs, sharing a freezing cold rehearsal shed with them and most recently (albeit way back in November 2009) spending time with them in the recording studio, has resulted in a huge back catalogue of images. So here are a few of my favs.


If you’re in a band, and need some photography please do get in contact.

New year, some actual posts

A quick glance below will show that I didn’t post a single thing last year, which is, quite frankly, pretty damn useless. So what better place to start than with a couple of my favorites from new years eve. Expect far more posts this year…

First ever post!


Gin Soldiers in the recording studio

It’s been a long time coming, but here it is, my very first post. I’m keeping it short and using it as a way to make you look at my Flickr site, so please go look and leave me some comments!